Navigate your life transitions with confidence

Undergoing a life transition can be challenging, be it joyous or painful, and can thrust us into unfamiliar and confusing territory.  

Since the situation is novel to us, the uncertainty about how to proceed through this unknown terrain can create added stress, even if we have a goal in mind.  

JourneyWork services can help make it easier and even exciting, by bringing forth your own deeper insights, suggesting strategies to thrive, and offering tools which you can utilize for future life changes.  

JW brings resources to you to harness the power of change into meaningful opportunities and fruitful experiences.

Transitions are also perfect openings to ignite personal evolution and fulfillment.  This is why JW uses both psychotherapeutic and metaphysical approaches, tailored to your preference level.  Private sessions range from utilizing the latest psychological approaches only, to adding metaphysical exercises that invite your own intuition and Guidance as your allies on your journey.

 Begin your successful passage now through the power of awareness combined with common sense applications.

Teletherapy only.  

No insurance accepted.

Income driven sliding fee scale.

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 Conscious Traveler Sessions

Sessions that map out & make real your focus for the next phase of your life, forging meaningful strategies that help you look forward to your day!


Align past & current circumstances to clarify the dynamics in play

Sync all parts of your life to your vision.

Heal disruptive patterns & attract who & what matches your goals.

via Phone or Zoom


To Suit Your Budget


For Salon Members

Up To $25 K
$26 - $50 K
$51 - $75 K
$76 K +
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JourneyWork Salons

In an intimate setting of no more than 6  like-hearted people, you will have adventures in the mystical, develop your intuitive abilities to partner with your logical mind, find support in an unconditionally accepting environment, & feel yourself grow in confidence.

You'll find in your own experiences, & in reflection from your fellow travelers, a larger version of yourself.


   Stay as long as you like in this uncommon haven.   


via Zoom       


To Suit Your Budget


up to $50 K

$51 - $75 K
$76K - $100K
$101K +
Michael's Ark
Covenant Cards

A deck of channeled guidance wisdoms & principles that are drawn at each JW Salon, for each member, & at the conclusion of each Conscious Traveler Session.

  It's always 'right on' to what the person is experiencing to help clarify & invite them to dive even deeper into their journey of conscious empowerment.

You can have your own deck to use at home as a meditative focus for your day or to explore your questions.

$35 p/deck of 97 cards includes S & H

The Covenant


All that is seen and unseen is joined, each creation distinctive in its nature, unified in its intention for experience, constant and constantly changing, and entwined forevermore through the power of Love as an expression of its Source.

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Sample Covenant Cards

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We live on a planet in profound transition on every level.  We have collectively forgotten how to feel connected to the rest of Life, & at times have personally struggled to find solace & direction, & even joy.  This will be our work... together.  

I look forward to collaborating with you & watching you get even stronger & clearer, through private sessions, or in one of the salons - where if you choose you can develop a supportive & affirming community.  

Until we meet, be kind to yourself.         



Cinda Crull


Cinda is a licensed marriage & family therapist. 

She is an experienced individual and group clinician specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, Stress Management, mindfulness, grief & loss, family Role Dynamics, addictive Behaviors, Spiritual development, & other modalities & areas of focus that help promote healthy well-being.

She is a published author & public speaker.

She studied under 3 metaphysical teachers, & is an integrated channel, Teacher, & Planetary Seer.

She uses guided Journeys,  intuitive scanning, past life connection to current experiences,  energy  work, tailored creative Take home 'LightWork'  for clients, & more to facilitate personal expansion & life enhancement.



Cinda has offered classes & private sessions for over 30 years.  She is constantly updating her offerings as she evolves, to keep them both timeless & fresh.  

She combines her clinical & metaphysical skills to assist her clients to blossom.